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Mark LodgeMeetingsLocation
York TIYork TIYork
Minerva 12 TIMinerva 12 TIHull
Star in the East 95Star in the East 95Scarborough
Humber 182Humber 182Hull
Middlesborough 276Middlesborough 276Middlesbrough
Fitzwilliam 277Fitzwilliam 277Malton
Beverlac 281Beverlac 281Beverley
Londesborough 291Londesborough 291Bridlington
De la Pole 329De La Pole 329Hull
Streonshalh 337Streonshalh 337Whitby
St Cuthbert's 743St Cuthbert's 743Howden
Thesaurus 782Thesaurus 782Sutton
Lord Bolton Daylight 785Lord Bolton Daylight 785Hull
Alexandra 803Alexandra 803Hornsea
Redcar 804Redcar 804Redcar
Alverton 845Alverton 845Bedale
St Peter's 1008St Peter's 1008York
Cleveland 1040Cleveland 1040Stokesley
The Lodge of St Andrew 1130The Lodge of St Andrew 1130Hull
Brough 1170Brough 1170Sutton
John Ashton Wade IM 1428John Ashton Wade IM 1428Driffield
Memorial IM 1452Memorial IM 1452Malton
Saltburn 1532Saltburn 1532Saltburn by the Sea
The Beacon Centenary 1583The Beacon Centenary 1583Pocklington
The Victory 1588The Victory 1588Pickering
Abbot Hugh of Selby 1640Abbot Hugh of Selby 1640Selby
Sir Wm Crosthwaite GLO 1671Sir Wm Crosthwaite GLO 1671Pocklington
Hoveden IM 1681Hoveden IM 1681Howden
Stokesley IM 1711Stokesley IM 1711Stokesley
The Farmers' 1784The Farmers' 1784Pickering
Sykes 1830Sykes 1830Driffield
Provincial White Rose IM 1939White Rose IM 1939Pocklington
The Combined Services 1949The Combined Services 1949Pickering